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Transformation through Meditation, Michael Persimmon
March 2019 — 233 views

The 5 Natural Emotions, Michael Persimmon
February 2019 — 390 views emotions stress

The Insight Timer app is great!, Michael Persimmon
September 2017 — 952 views meditation aids

But what if I haven't been meditating?, Michael Persimmon
July 2017 — 987 views obstacles stress

What should meditation feel like?, Michael Persimmon
April 2016 — 1285 views

Meditating and burning off stress, Michael Persimmon
March 2016 — 1510 views stress

What stress does to consciousness, Michael Persimmon
March 2016 — 1252 views

A little note

There is so much to say about the skill of meditating and the scene that springs up around it! After 20 years of immersing myself into this world, let me share what I've learned with you.

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